Scent Work

HDTC offers Group Classes, Workshops, Private Instruction & Practice Events in the exciting sport of Scent Work!

This sport mimics what a working detection dog does. Your dog will learn to discriminate scents and to communicate to you when the scent has been found. This sport engages the dogs mind and lets them use the natural instincts they were born with. This is a great sport for people or dogs with mobility issues, as it does not require the athleticism of sports like agility or even obedience and rally.

The AKC has it’s own titling program that you can work through as the partnership between you and your dog improves, or just participate for fun!

Intro to Scent Work Workshops will be held regularly.  Watch our Events Calendar for the next scheduled Workshop.

Click below to download the Intro to Barn Hunt Registration form:

Intro to Scent Work Workshop Registration Form

After completion of the Workshop, current students may enroll in one of our on-going weekly Scent Work Practice Classes.

These practices are self guided. You will have access to the facilities to practice different types of hides as well as scents, tins, boxes and other materials. The cost is $10 a month to add Scent Work to your existing courses here at HDTC.

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