Pay for a Class

Before paying for a class, you must first register. Once you have registered, if you are accepted into the class and receive confirmation from Georgia, you can then pay. Please note that this system will allow you to pay for a class at any time. It DOES NOT mean you have been accepted into that class!!


Companion Dog Course 1

8 week course: $145.00

Companion Dog Course 2

For students that have completed the Companion Dog Course 1 or an equivalent course.

8 week course: $135.00

Competition Rally/Obedience

For students who have completed the Companion Dog Course 1

Monthly fee: $65.00

Scent Work Competition Class

For students who have already attended a Scent Work workshop and are ready to go further.

Monthly Fee: $10.00

Introduction to Agility Class

A 8-week course for students interested in learning about the sport of agility.

8 week course: $135.00

Competition Agility

For students who have completed the Introduction to Agility class and want to continue in agility.

Monthly Fee: $65.00



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