Board & Train at Camp Havenlea

Many dog owners are either physically unable to train their own dogs, or have obligations which prevent them from spending the concentrated and consistent time needed to begin their dog’s training.  Therefore, many dogs either go un-trained, or are trained at facilities that may be using harsh (or even abusive) methods.  Because HDTC believes that EVERY dog deserves personalized training using the same positive, motivational methods used in our private lessons and group classes, we offer board-training as well.

Your dog will stay at HDTC (3 to 4 weeks), where they will live in a home environment, and will work on crate-training and house-training.  Your dog will be socialized with people and other dogs.  Georgia will personally conduct your dog’s daily training sessions.  Your dog will be taught the basic obedience exercises:  Walking on a leash, the Sit, the Down, the Stand, the Stay, and how to Come when called.  Common behavior problems will also be addressed.

At the end of your dog’s stay, your dog will be returned to you, and you will receive a private lesson, along with written practice instructions, and training equipment appropriate for your dog– so that you may continue your dog’s training at home.  After about 2 weeks, you will receive a second private lesson with Georgia, so that she may evaluate your progress and address any other questions that you might have regarding your dog’s training.

Additional services (including shorter stays, extended stays, additional commands, specialized training, and intensive behavior modification) may also be arranged.  Contact Georgia at 352-789-5420 for details and scheduling.

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